At Craftech Roofing, we install new roofs for homeowners and developers throughout the greater Denver area. We can install a brand new roof as part of your custom home build. We can also serve as a roofing subcontractor for local homebuilders.

Choosing a new roof is not always an easy decision. There are plenty of factors to consider.

  • Material Durability – Will it stand up to Colorado weather?
  • Energy-Efficiency – Can it reflect the sun in the summer or absorb it in the winter?
  • Noise Control – How will it sound when it rains, hails, or is windy out?
  • Cost – Is this option cost-effective for you? Is there similar but cheaper options?
  • Aesthetics – Is there a material and style option that matches the home style?

Material Options For New Roofs?Stone Coated Steel Roofs

If you have questions or concerns about specific roofing materials, do not hesitate to pick our brains. We repair and install these types of roofs all the time. We are more than willing to elaborate on the merits and drawbacks of each.

We can also go over your color, shape, and style option in each type of material.

Shingles, Tiles, Or PanelsMetal Roofing

In addition to what your roofing is made of, you’ll want to choose a roof type that is compatible with your pitch or slope preference, your preferred overall style, your budgetary constraints, and our Denver-area weather.

Architectural wood shingles may go better with your rustic, alpine-themed master-planned community, for example, while metal roofing panels can give your contemporary custom home that minimal-industrial look you’re going for with the added benefits of energy efficiency.

Roof Installation In Denver

Finding the right contractor for your new roof is as easy as contacting Craftech Roofing in Denver. If your custom home needs a new roof installed, or you need a roofing contractor for your next housing development, contact us at Craftech Roofing today. We look forward to helping you explore the many materials, colors, and style options while providing you with high-quality installation services. There’s no need to guess when you have the experts on your side.

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