Craftech Roofing provides flat roofing installation and repair for businesses and homeowners throughout Denver, Colorado. Flat roofs are commonplace for commercial buildings, but far less so for houses, leaving homeowners who want a flat roof with very few options.

Since we serve both residential and commercial customers, our Denver roofers can help you find and install the best type of flat roof for your property.

Types Of Flat Roofing

Commercial roofers can be considered the masters of flat roofing. Since flat roofs are an economical yet durable option, they’ve become a long-time favorite for all sorts of businesses, from retail to heavy industry.

Though they may seem like an odd choice for residential roofing, flat roofs are prominent on homes in arid climates. They also pair well with contemporary and minimalist architecture.

A built-up roof, made from layers of gravel and tar, is the most common kind of flat roof. Other flat roofs are made from metal, recycled synthetic rubber, and modified bitumen. They can also have spray-applied coatings to add longevity and prevent leaks.

Benefits Of Flat Roofs

Some materials are heavier than others and require additional roof bracing before installation. However, no matter what material is used, there are some advantages that all flat roofs provide.

  • They’re easy to access and maintain.
  • No decorative elements are needed, which keeps installation costs down.
  • They provide space to store items like heavy equipment or AC vents, making them especially useful for small buildings.
  • Flat roofing materials act as efficient insulators or heat reflectors, which both translate into energy savings for you.
  • Flat roofs can last over 30 years.

Signs You Need Flat Roof Repair

The most significant benefit of choosing flat roofing vs. sloped roofing is how easy it is to inspect and maintain the roof. Flat roofs may leak more often than pitched roofs because rainwater pools instead of rolling off. Seams in the roofing material can make it particularly vulnerable to leaks.

If you find signs of leaks or other damage or are ready for a roof inspection, make sure to contact a licensed roofer, like Craftech Roofing, for reliable repairs or roof replacements.

  • Bubbling Paint
  • Dripping Water From Ceiling
  • Mildew On Ceiling & Exterior Walls
  • Water Stains On Ceiling & Walls

Flat Roof Services In Denver

Need someone to repair, replace, or newly install a flat roof over your home or business? Contact us today to talk with one of our roofing pros and get your custom quote. We invite you to look through our portfolio of past work and read our customer reviews to see why we’ve been Denver’s go-to roofing company for over 30 years.

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