We are roof flashing repair experts serving the Denver metro area, specializing in both commercial and residential roofing repairs. Don’t wait until a heavy rainstorm or snowfall causes your roof to suddenly spring a leak.

Let our roofing company inspect and fix or replace your roof and chimney flashing before water damage wrecks your home or office and wreaks havoc with your budget.

Roof Flashing 101

Flashing is material that bridges the gap between your roof and installed fixtures, such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. It is also used to connect roof valleys, where sections of roofing meet, and the intersection between a dormer wall and the roof surface.

Although this barrier can consist of plastic or composite material, most roof flashing is made of galvanized steel, copper, or aluminum.

Prevent Leaks & Wood Rot

When water and moisture get beneath your shingles and siding, it can lead to leaks, wood rot, and mold growth. The purpose of properly installed flashing is to prevent that from happening. Flashing installed around vents, chimneys, and skylights keeps water from leaking into your house while flashing in roof valleys channels water so that it runs off into your gutters.

Signs Your Flashing Needs Replaced

When was the last time you had a professional roofing company come out and perform a thorough inspection? Any of the following warning signs indicate that it may be time to repair or replace roof flashing.

  • Rust Or Corrosion – Metal flashing is more durable than other materials, but it can still start to break down over time. Rust is a dangerous sign that your flashing is failing, leaving you wide open to water damage from future rain and snowfall.
  • Water Stains On Your Ceiling – If you see water spots spreading on your ceiling, especially after a rain, you likely already have a leaky roof caused by flashing problems. Water pooling between your roof and ceiling can put stress on your drywall, insulation, and walls, leaving you open to a ceiling collapse.
  • Visible Leaks – Like water stains, visible leaks from your ceiling, especially after a rain, are signs that your flashing needs repaired, and the sooner, the better.
  • Water Dripping From Your Chimney -There are several potential causes for water entering your home through the chimney. Improperly installed or damaged flashing around the chimney cap is one of the common reasons this occurs.
  • Leaks Around Skylights Or Vents – If water is coming in between your skylight glass and frame, the flashing and seal may have become worn out.

Denver’s Roof Flashing Repair Experts

If you have noticed any signs that your roof flashing needs replaced, don’t wait for a leaky roof disaster before you act. Call Craftech Roofing and schedule a roof inspection today. We have certified residential as well as commercial roofers ready to ensure your home and business will stay safe and dry.

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