Craftech Roofing has been helping Denver, Colorado homeowners with quality roofing repairs for over 30 years and we are happy to work with your insurance. Cleaning up after a storm or accident can be stressful and time-consuming. Roofing insurance claims can be a complicated part of that process. That’s why we work directly with your insurance company to get roofing replacement or repair work done and help take the stress off you. Let us take care of the hard parts so you and your family can relax safely and worry-free.

Take Advantage Of Our Experience

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time dealing with insurance companies. Once you file your claim, we are able to work with the insurance company and bill them directly – all you have to pay is your deductible. We review your homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure that all needed repairs will be covered by your insurer before we begin work on your home’s roofing.

Make Dealing With Insurance Companies Easier

Although dealing with insurance companies can be stressful and confusing, it doesn’t have to be. If your roof is damaged during a hailstorm, for example, the following four steps can help the process go more smoothly:

  1. Get out any maintenance records from your roofing company.
  2. Document the damage that has occurred through photo and video.
  3. Give us a call.
  4. Tell your insurer that Craftech Roofing is coming out to repair your home.

Insurance Roof Replacement

Most roofs under ten years old can be repaired even after damage has occurred. When damage only affects a part of the roof, we are often able to replace damaged decking, membranes, and shingles with new materials that lay flat and fit into your existing roofing.

Unfortunately, there are times when the damage is severe or the roof is just too worn out. If a repair estimate exceeds more than half the cost of a reroof, it may be smarter to also request an estimate for a roof replacement. When reroofing, we strip your old roof down to its bare components, are able to get to the bottom of the damage, and start fresh with quality craftsmanship and materials that will withstand the test of time.

Get Hassle-Free Roof Insurance Repairs

Whether an accident occurs, a natural disaster that strikes, or your roof is just past its prime, make sure your first call is to Craftech Roofing. With our expertise in roofing restoration, roofing repairs, and roof repair insurance claims, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.