Craftech Roofing offers roof repair and inspections for residential and commercial properties in Denver, Colorado. A healthy roof helps protect your property from the elements and can save you from costly repairs. Damage can come from a variety of sources, and the extent can be more than you expected.

Causes For Roof Repairs

Storms, natural disasters, normal wear and tear, and pests can cause your roof to have missing shingles, rot, mold, and even holes. Denver’s inclement weather can be severe, and you should always perform a visual inspection after a major storm. Leaks are not always easy to identify, and our experts know just what to look for to help avoid additional damage.

If you notice anything that gives you concern, don’t hesitate to call us to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the right repair for you.

Avoid Major Repairs

A thorough inspection will help reveal any concerns you may have and give you the chance to repair small issues before they become major. Finding the source of the concern and fixing it quickly will prevent further damage. Leaks can cause moldy walls, floors and possible collapse left unrepaired. Don’t wait until you start seeing a problem to fix it, regular check-ups and roof inspections identify problem areas to maintain a strong structure.

Roof Repair & Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you know what is covered by your homeowner’s insurance after a major storm? Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. We take the time to help you through the process of filing your claim, estimating the damage, and performing the repairs. Our team will get you back to normal with a hassle-free process and the peace of mind you deserve.

Get a Roof Inspection In Denver

Inspecting your roof before a major storm can help prevent water damage from leaks that you can’t see. We make sure that your roof’s structure is not compromised so it can hold up to inclement weather. Finding and fixing any areas of concern before the next storm can save your home from water leaks and costly repairs. Craftech Roofing proudly serves the Denver, CO metro area for all roof repair and inspection needs.