Craftech Roofing offers roof repair for residential and commercial properties in Denver, Colorado. Your roof helps protect your property from the elements. So, it’s important to stay on top of any needed fixes, especially with our seasonal winds, snows, and hail storms. A yearly professional inspection and regular maintenance can catch problems early saving you money and stress.

  • Shingle Replacement
  • Flashing Installation, Seals & Adjustment
  • Gutter Maintenance
  • Fascia Fixes
  • Diagnose & Fix Ventilation Issues
  • Leak Patching & Prevention
  • Fixing Drainage Problems

Common Causes Of Roof Damage

Storms, natural disasters, normal wear and tear, and pests can cause missing shingles, rot, mold, and even holes. While some damage like missing shingles can be easy to spot, leaks are not always easy to identify. Our experts know just what to look for to help you avoid additional damage.

How To Avoid Major Repairs

If you’ve noticed missing shingles, small leaks, or are worried about damages after a recent storm, a thorough inspection can help reveal small damages before they become major problems. Our professionals know what to look for. We can find the source of the trouble quickly, fix it correctly, and put measures in place to prevent further damage. Why risk moldy walls and floors or a possible winter collapse?

Roof Repair & Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you know what is covered by your homeowner’s insurance after a major storm? Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. We take the time to help you through the process of filing your claim, estimating the damage, and performing the repairs. With experienced roofers on your team, repairs can be a hassle-free process, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Let’s Fix Your Roof

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Making sure your roof is sound before the next spring storm or summer snowfall can save you time and money. Contact Craftech Roofing in Denver, CO to schedule a roof repair today.

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