With the changing of the seasons comes a new set of seasonal maintenance items to think about. One item that is often overlooked is a roof inspection. Roof inspections are an important maintenance item, especially after summer storms, so you can find problems before you have damage to repair.

7 Signs You Need A Roof Inspection

  • When Roof line Paint Peels
  • Ceiling Stains In Your Attic Reveal Leaks
  • Keep An Eye On That Drywall
  • Visibly Worn Or Missing Shingles
  • After Hail Storms & High Winds
  • Is Your Flashing Missing?
  • Loose Or Rusted Nails

1. When Roof line Paint Peels, It’s Inspection Time

Humidity causes the paint on the roof line to lift. With too much moisture, there will be blisters forming and eventually flaking and peeling. Consider having a professional inspection done to make sure that the damage is limited to the paint.

2. Ceiling Stains In Your Attic Point To A Leaky Roof

You may notice stains or mildew and mold on the ceiling. Pay attention to those signs because they’re all indications of damage somewhere allowing moisture and air in and could let heat out this winter. Let a professional survey the situation and perform any necessary repairs.

3. Keep An Eye On That Drywall

Don’t keep fixing up that discolored and cracking drywall without checking your roof. You may have a leak that’s damaging the drywall inside your house. If left untreated the leak could cause rotting wood and mold issues that are far harder and more expensive to repair.

4. Visibly Worn Or Missing Shingles

If you can see a couple of worn roof shingles from the driveway, that’s The first sign of a problem. Missing or badly damaged shingles means you should get a professional roofing company up there for a thorough roof inspection to stop or reverse any problem before major damage happens.

5. After Hail Storms & High Winds

Storms and high winds can seriously compromise roofs whether it is new or already worn or missing shingles. Additionally, wind damage can lift several shingle tiles and expose the interior to rain and snow.

6. Is Your Flashing Missing?

Without proper flashing, you’re sure to have water coming in. That flashing is what gives your roof a watertight seal around it. Be aware of any rust or other damage and ask for an inspection.

7. Loose Or Rusted Nails Cause Leaks

Loose nails that have backed out of the shingle allow rainwater or snow melt to leak in. This can more loose shingles and water damage. A professional roofing company can inspect for popped-up nails, and secure them, and any loose shingles, which saves you from getting a new roof.

Don’t Wait, Schedule An Inspection Today

Don’t wait until you have a leak to get your roof inspected. No one wants an emergency replacement in the middle of winter or to have major water damage repaired. Call Craftech Roofing in the Denver area today to schedule an inspection.

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