Every roof needs regular maintenance to stay in top condition. But scheduling inspections and repairs aren’t priorities for most business owners. By signing up for a Denver commercial roof maintenance plan, our technicians will get your roof in shape and help keep it that way for years to come. Roof maintenance plans come with a few unique benefits. They help you:

  • Protect Your Employees
  • Rethink Property Management
  • Optimize Energy Efficiency
  • Plan Ahead For Major Projects
  • Gain Peace Of Mind

Protect Your Employees

A compromised roof can endanger everyone standing beneath it. If your negligence and procrastination have pushed it to this point, you face a serious ethical problem. If the worst happens and a collapse injures one of your employees, you’ll likely end up in court sooner rather than later.

Rethink Property Management

Denver apartment buildings and condos face all types of weather, from heavy snowfall to high sun exposure. As a result, property managers and building owners need reassurance that provide long-term benefits. Inspections and preventive maintenance can prevent ongoing problems, keeping your residents satisfied.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Some flat roofs have a special coating to protect them from solar heat and UV rays. Denver gets a lot of sunlight, with more sunny days than many other cities. Unfortunately, these coatings erode over time, losing their energy-efficient qualities. However, trained professionals can spot these weak areas during an inspection and immediately apply a new layer of coating.

Plan Ahead For Major Projects

Ongoing costs can quickly become the bane of any business, gobbling up your profits before you know what hit you. A commercial maintenance plan takes the guesswork out of caring for your business’s roof. The solid foundation of facts they provide enables you to budget and plan for significant projects and escape the loop of always making cheap repairs whenever it leaks.

Gain Peace Of Mind

Few owners have time to deal with roof problems, but it’s critical to running a brick-and-mortar business. We’ve designed our plans to cover everything you need to keep your building in good condition for years. Hiring someone else to keep a diligent eye on your building will help you sleep that much easier at night.

What’s Included In A Maintenance Plan?

The heart of our packages is inspections. Roofers usually make minor repairs while they’re up there, and they can resolve more complex issues with a follow-up appointment. Most plans also include cleaning services to remove debris that can tear and pile excess weight on your roof.

Call A Denver Commercial Roofing Company Today

At Craftech Roofing in Denver, Colorado, our plans are designed to save you money and future headaches. Trust us: A roof service plan is much cheaper than a replacement. Call us today to learn more about how we can help your Denver commercial building, rental unit, or apartment complex with its roofing needs.

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