When it comes to high-quality asphalt roofing, there is no shortage of options for home or commercial buildings, and Craftech Roofing in Denver, Colorado offers services for even the most discerning customer. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction means we strive for a stress-free, pleasant experience from your very first call to the completion of your asphalt roofing project.

Signs That It’s Time For A New Roof

Old or faulty roofs are responsible for problems that become costly to repair if ignored for too long. Roof deterioration problems like water damage and mold, for example, can be expensive to fix. So, how do you know if you need a roof replacement or repair

Here are a few signs that it might be time for you to replace that roof.

  • Signs Of Rotting
  • Shingles Curling Or Buckling
  • Damaged Roof Valleys
  • Missing Shingles
  • Shingle Granules In The Gutter
  • Daylight Through Roof Boards
  • Dark Streaks Or Stains On Roofing
  • Sagging Roofs
  • Leaks Or Other Water Damage
  • Moss Or Algae
  • Roof Age Of More Than 20 Years

Still Not Sure? We Can Help!

Your roof is responsible for protecting and shielding everything beneath it. You wouldn’t use an umbrella with a hole in it, so why allow weak roofing to damage your home or business? If you’re still unsure if you need a roof repair or replacement, we’re here to provide you with a professional opinion. 

The Perks Of Asphalt Roofing

With all of the roofing options available for homes and businesses, you might have come across asphalt shingles as a replacement choice. Asphalt roofing carries a range of benefits that make them an excellent roofing selection.

  • Impact Rated Material
  • Strenuous Wind Resistant Testing
  • Sound Protection From External Noise
  • Protection Against The Spread Of Fire
  • Versatility
  • Stunning Color Palette
  • Variety Of Designs Available

Weather & Fire Protection For Homes

Asphalt shingles undergo stringently enacted wind testing, and have proven to stand up against high rates of wind in inclement weather situations. Since they are made from flame-resistant materials, asphalt tiles have been shown to offer superior protection against the spread of flames in case of a fire. 

Options, Options, Options

This cost-effective and easy-to-install roofing isn’t only safe, though. It offers a huge range of gorgeous colors to choose from and a rich architectural style that can be matched to a variety of roof angles. Asphalt shingles promise a resilient and stylish roof that is also quite affordable.

Your Denver Asphalt Roofing Pros

At Craftech Roofing, Inc., we take a great deal of pride in delivering the highest quality roofing for homes and businesses throughout Denver, Colorado. You can count on us for a fair price, as well as superior customer service. 

Protect your family and property by contacting us today to get a quote on your asphalt roof installation or replacement service.

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