Did you know that fall is the best time for roofers to tackle roof replacement projects in Denver? By this time of the year, many roofing contractors have wrapped up their summer jobs and are ready to knock out a few more before winter. With snow on the horizon, installing a new roof makes sure your home or business is protected.

Why Is Fall The Best Time For Roof Installation?

The changing seasons have a significant impact on a roofer’s work. Rain, heat, and humidity are the most influential factors. These weather conditions and their frequency affect how quickly roofers can finish your project.

  • Comfortable temperatures for roofers enable them to complete the job in a timely fashion.
  • In the fall, comfortable temperatures last for most of the day, allowing roofers to work longer hours.
  • Work is less likely to be delayed by rain or excessive heat.
  • Calmer weather patterns mean less work that may need to be re-done, thus dragging the entire job out.
  • The perfect amount of heat, humidity, and sunlight produce ideal conditions for shingles to adhere to your roof.
  • Shingles have more time to set and create a tight thermal seal.
  • If there’s damage beneath the shingles, roofers can repair it while the shingles are off.

Don’t Wait For A Winter Roof Emergency

Just because your old roof didn’t leak last year doesn’t mean it’s strong enough to face another winter. Snowstorms can dump more snow than an aging roof can take. Not only is snow heavy, but the melted water can also widen tears in worn shingles and snake beneath them to create leaks.

Spring & Summer Roof Replacements

Spring and summer aren’t kind either. Torrential rain and hail can do as much damage as any blizzard. Hail can also damage the metal parts of your roof, like flashings and tie-ins.

Summer’s intense heat and UV radiation can weaken your roof’s protective layers. If it’s been a hot, sunny summer, your roof may crack and leak during the first winter storm.

Get A New Roof This Fall

Fall is a busy season for commercial roofers. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a contractor one or two months in advance to make sure the job gets done before the snowfalls. If you’re looking for an experienced roofing company in Denver, Colorado, contact Craftech Roofing today to get your quote and reserve a spot on our fall schedule.

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