At Craftech Roofing in Denver, our clients frequently ask us if they should repair or replace the roof over their Colorado home or business. Our winter weather damages can add up to a lot of wear and tear over the years. Compromised rooftops can also go from eyesore to home water damages, higher utility bills, and even collapse.

Which route you should take will depend on your roof’s age and current condition. Having a professional roofer inspect your property will give you the most accurate answer.

When To Repair Your Roof

What may look like a significant problem might be solved quite affordably with the right repairs. When a simple repair job is all you need, there’s no reason to invest in a completely new one. It’s the industry rule of thumb that repairs can remedy issues affecting 30% or less of your roof.

  • You need service quickly and on short notice.
  • Your roof is relatively new or only halfway through its lifespan.
  • The damage is minor or limited to a small area.

Professional Inspections Save You In The Long Run

Before you commit to repairs, it’s essential to invest in a professional inspection to determine if your rooftop’s decking and underlayers are damaged as well. Storms can cause hidden structural damage that takes a trained eye to spot and are challenging to fix.

Any roofer will tell you that there’s a significant difference between a few missing shingles and a leak that seeps through all of your roof’s layers.

Sure Signs You May Need Repairs

  • Curled, Buckled, Cracked, Blistered, Split, Or Chipped Shingles
  • Interior Leaks
  • Shingle Shrinkage
  • Moisture Marks
  • Missing Shingles
  • Granule Loss
  • Punctures & Holes
  • Nail Pops

When To Replace Your Roof

Determining when it’s time to replace your roof depends on several variables: the age, how worn it is, the quality of the installation, and your home’s vulnerability to future damage. You should also consider your rooftop material; slate and metal can have a significantly longer lifespan than asphalt.

While roof replacements may seem expensive at first, the real value you get for your money is the peace of mind you gain knowing your home or business has reliable, lasting protection from the elements.

  • Your roof has come to the end of its life.
  • The damage is widespread.
  • You have structural damage.
  • You plan to sell your home in the next few years.

A Lasting Investment In Peace Of Mind

Keep in mind that contractors build even the most economical roofs to outlast a house or building’s average occupancy. Most homeowners only have to invest in a replacement or new installation once in the lifespan of their home. The odds are low that you will have to hire a roofing company for two replacement jobs on the same building.

Repairs are an attractive and economical option, but there will come a time when replacement is your only choice.

Signs You May Need A Replacement

  • Poor Installation
  • Sagging
  • Recent Natural Disaster
  • Old Roof
  • Extensive Weathering
  • Moss & Algae Growth
  • Tree Damage
  • Harsh Winter

Schedule An Inspection Today

Even if you’re unsure how old your roof is, we can tell you how much life it has left in it. Whether you need commercial roof repairs or find it’s time to replace your roof altogether, call Craftech Roofing in Denver today.

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