Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out if you your homeowner’s insurance will cover roof leak repairs. Your house is probably one of your largest investments and your roof is a major source of structural stability and overall protection. When it comes to roof damage, the lines between what insurance will and will not cover can be a blur. 

Does My Policy Include Roof Insurance?

The details of your individual coverage may vary, but roofing insurance is usually part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. This coverage usually covers you in cases where you need significant repairs or a full replacement. Generally speaking, insurance will cover a roof leak if the damage was sudden and caused by a circumstance listed in your policy.

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Heavy Snow Collapse
  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Falling Debris

What’s (Usually) Not Covered 

Leaks and other damages that build up over time, especially due to neglected inspections and maintenance, aren’t usually covered by insurance. Examples include natural wear and tear and damages over many snowy winters. Several factors can prevent you from receiving insurance compensation for repairs. Make sure to check your policy or talk to your provider for specifics.

  • Most insurers won’t cover a roof that’s over twenty years old.
  • If they believe you haven’t kept up regular roof maintenance, they can deny your claim.
  • They often won’t cover further leak repairs if you tried DIY instead of professional fixes.
  • Many insurers are phasing out coverage for certain types of weather damage, like wind and hail. 

Documented Inspections & Estimates

When you schedule an appointment with us, ask your inspector to document your roof’s condition with pictures and provide a written, signed evaluation. We’re happy to create these reports since they help protect our clients from accusations of poor roof construction or roof neglect if the insurance company ever disputes their claim.

Our Leak Repair Services

Besides professional inspections, we can repair the less visible parts of your roof — decking, flashing, underlayers, etc. Problems in these areas can provide just the entryway water needs to make its way into your home. Our varied residential and commercial experience means that we can spot the early signs of a leak in all kinds of roofs, like wood, slate, metal, and flat roofs.

If we find that your leaky roof damage is severe, we can work with your insurance company on roof replacement and new roof installation.

Insurance-Covered Roof Leak Repair

If you’ve experienced a leaking roof, contact Craftech Roofing in Denver to help you with your repairs and the insurance claim process. Hire roofers who have experience dealing with insurance companies and claims, call our office today for an estimate.  

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