Craftech Roofing in Denver, Colorado, offers commercial roof repair services to address commercial roofs’ seven most common issues. When you think of the types of roof damages faced by business owners, you may immediately think of visible examples like strong winds ripping off roofing material, leaves adding excess weight, or bird nests clogging drains.

Any commercial roofer will tell you that smaller issues — holes, cracks, and other deformities from age, lack of maintenance, or poor craftsmanship — can be just as dangerous to your roof and business property.

7 Common Commercial Roof Repairs & Problems

Many factors determine a commercial roof’s lifespan, including the weather, how the roof is used, and how well it’s maintained. Poor roofing design and installation drastically reduce a roof’s utility and cause significant, long-term damage over time. If your roofing isn’t already in top condition, the following can send it further into disrepair.

  1. Roof Leaks
  2. Damaged Or Improperly Installed Flashing
  3. Wind Damage
  4. Standing Water
  5. Excessive Foot Traffic
  6. Poor Roof Installation Or Repairs
  7. Deformities In Roofing Material

1. Leaky Roofing

A leaky roof above your business is more than just an issue of looks. Standing water can put your company at risk for employee and customer slip and fall accidents. Neglected leaks can also lead to ruined products, carpets, and furniture – not to mention mold.

Our roof repair company can pinpoint the source of your roof leak and address it in a professional, timely manner to reduce closure and downtimes or other disruptions to your business.

2. Flashing Issues

Vents, skylights, and chimneys all create openings in your commercial roofing that are susceptible to leaks. Properly installed flashing seals these vulnerable areas. It’s important to have a commercial roofer regularly check the condition and seal on your roof flashing. We can make repairs when they are smaller and more affordable if you act early.

  • Damage Flashing
  • Defective Flashing
  • Improperly Installed Flashing & Pitch Pans

3. Wind Damage

As a Denver business owner or manager, you’re no stranger to strong winds, especially from early fall to late spring. Months of strong winds adds up when it comes to commercial roofing. Not only can even newly installed shingles and panels be blown off, but falling trees and windblown debris can also cause damage.

  • Shingle Blow-Offs
  • Damaged Gutters
  • Flashing Stress

4. Standing Water

Standing water on your roof speeds up wear and is a breading ground for mold. If this water freezes, your roof also has more chance of a collapse in weekend areas. We can correct poor roofing installations, clear clogged gutters, and make sure your roof drainage is in tip-top shape overall.

  • Poor Roof Design
  • Clogged Drains

5. Holes & Punctures

Hail, wind-blown debris, foot traffic, and pests can all create holes in your commercial roofing. Foot traffic is especially likely on flat business roofs where employees and workers can walk or rest. We can replace damages materials like EPDM, TPO, and PVC.

6. Poor Roof Installation Or Repairs

The worst off your roofing installation starts, the more likely you are to have issues that will need repair. Inexperienced roofers and DIY jobs are especially likely to end up in new roofs installed incorrectly and subpar jobs on repairs. We can replace or repair their bad job, so you can have the peace of mind you want for years to come.

7. Deformities In Roofing Material

Weather, installation of low-quality materials, and water damage can all end up in a variety of roofing material deformities. We can inspect your commercial roof, troubleshoot what’s causing problems, and repair in a way that will prevent future issues. We can also replace your business roofing with a material that is more suited to your location and use.

  • Shrinkage
  • Blisters
  • Ridges
  • Splits
  • Sagging
  • Bubbles
  • Surface Erosion

Neglected Repairs Cost More

You may have noticed a problem in your commercial roof, but don’t feel that you can’t afford to have it fixed. If you ignore them, minor problems can turn into more significant issues and require more expensive repairs.

Don’t Let Roof Safety Become An Issue

There are also safety reasons you should take care of your roof, since neglecting it can lead to slippery floors, the growth of harmful mold, and the extreme scenario of someone getting caught in a roof collapse.

Regular Roof Maintenance Is Important

Most roof issues are preventable through planning. Routine inspections and maintenance are critical steps you should take to protect your business’ roof. Commercial roofers recommend a minimum of two inspections per year, starting year 1, to maximize your roof’s lifespan.

A Roofing Company For Your Business

Our crew of licensed and experienced roofers can complete a range of roof maintenance and repair work for you. We also offer free on-site inspections to diagnose problems and uncover hidden issues. If we find that the damage is too severe, we can work with your insurance to replace your entire roof.

Get A Commercial Roof Repair Quote Today

Don’t wait until something major happens to your Denver area roof. Our crew can perform some minor roof repairs on the same day. Commercial roof repairs have far less impact on your bottom line when they’re done right and right away. If you need a Denver roofing company to fix your business’ roof, call us today for your custom quote.

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