Your roof takes the brunt of nature’s wrath, and Colorado is known for its severe storms. Though small damages might not feel like a pressing issue at the time, leaving them alone can create more problems that add up for your home or business. Catching and addressing problems early can save you money on roof repair and replacement in the long run.

10 Of Colorado’s Most Common Roof Problems

  1. Hail
  2. Tree Damage
  3. Ice & Snow
  4. Leaks
  5. Wildlife
  6. Punctures & Holes
  7. Gutters
  8. Wind
  9. Pooled Water
  10. UV Light

1. Hail Storm Roof Damages

When it comes to Denver roof repair, the most common issue we see is hail damage. Colorado has some of the most frequent and severe hailstorms in the United States. These storms can send you scrambling to check your buildings every spring. When hail damage isn’t addressed as soon as possible, more of your roof deteriorates, requiring more extensive repairs.

2. Tree Damage – From Wind & Fallen Branches

There’s the worst-case scenario of a falling branch pulling a bunch of shingles clean off your building. But, overhanging branches also cause damage over time by rubbing against roofing on windy days. Asphalt shingles are particularly vulnerable to this general erosion. Missing shingles make a perfect inlet for moisture and mold.

3. Destructive Ice & Snow

It’s well-known that heavy snow is a common cause of roof collapse. What people don’t often discuss is how meltwater can run under shingles and flashing then refreeze. These freeze-thaw cycles weaken the flashing and shingles, causing them to crack and tear eventually.

4. Leaks Weaken Roofs

With as much wet weather as Denver gets, it’s only a matter of time before that water finds its way into your house. Accumulated debris from nearby trees can also trap moisture and further deteriorate your roofing. This moisture will seep into your home if left unchecked, leading to mold, rot, and a more expensive roof leak repair bill.

5. Wildlife Can Wear Away Your Shingles

Insects and small animals, like birds and squirrels, end up damaging whatever structure they decide to call home. For instance, ants and termites gnaw through the soft parts, such as eaves and fascia boards. Birds then peck more holes in these places while hunting insects.

6. Roof Punctures & Holes

Several things can puncture a roof and compromise the protective barrier it creates over your business. Large hailstones and tree branches make some of the most dramatic holes. If you’ve had construction work, chimney repair, or the cable company out, it might be a good idea to check your shingles. Contractors can create holes when they aren’t careful walking over your roofing.

7. Dirty Or Ruined Gutters

A clogged gutter is never a good sign. Rain has nowhere to go but down your eaves, causing water damage. Gutters will eventually clog as they collect fallen leaves, but ice and storm debris are other likely causes of clogs. Always check for cracked seams and broken brackets when performing your regular gutter cleaning, since those are signs your gutters might need to be repaired or replaced.

8. Shingle Wrecking Winds

Nature doesn’t need to spin up a severe windstorm to damage your roof. On an otherwise ordinary day, a strong wind is all it takes to pull up shingles or even blow them off completely. Finding shingles or tiles on the ground is a clear sign that you need roofing repair as soon as possible.

9. Pooled Water Problems

Pools of water are a pervasive problem with flat roofs. That shallow pond of rainwater may not be an issue now, but it may lead to more problems in the long term. The pool’s extra weight can steadily weaken your roof’s structural integrity, causing leaks or even collapse.

10. UV Light Deterioration

Sunlight is a common cause of roofing deterioration that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. UV radiation dries shingles out, cracking them to the point where they loosen and fall off. Your shingles offer very little protection once the sun has worn them out, effectively exposing your building to the elements.

Contact A Denver Roofer Today

Business owners and homeowners can face roof damage any time of the year, no matter what the weather has been like. Remember to schedule an inspection by a local roofer if you suspect your roof has been damaged. Call Craftech Roofing today if you need residential or commercial roof repair in Denver.

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